Ben365 Day Seventy

70/365 - I live, I ride, I am

Today was a rather boringish day. Finished some stuff with the house and had to go to classes and such. The most exciting part of the day was when I was driving the Jeep around, I ran out of gas. My dad’s Jeep’s fuel gauge is off so I thought I still had a significant amount of gas left, but in actuality, it was empty. So that was fun. Haha. I really love driving the Jeep around though. More so than driving around my Honda. Oh well.

That’s all I really have to say for today. Wow…


Ben365 Day SixtyNine

69/365 - Dear Edwina

Today has been a quite excellent day. Spent the entire morning finishing up some of the final little moving details. So now all of our stuff is either at this house or at the storage unit. I really want to give out a special thanks to all of you guys who continue to check up on here, even though I have been a terrible blogger lately. Hopefully, now that this move is done, I will be able to get more involved in this again. I have been doing my absolute best to make sure I continue to stay loyal to this photographic assignment to improve my photography 300% over the course of a year.

So here I am again. To continue this journey and to make sure I am actually reflecting on the work I have done. Thanks again guys for being awesome. Life has been very awesome for me lately so I can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be showing it through my photography. Had a job today shooting another show for the local community theater, Winter Springs Performing Arts. If you are in the central Florida area, I would recommend coming to see their show, Dear Edwina, Jr., it really was a great deal of fun. the photo above is not exactly how I am going to give the photo away. I just found it interesting =)


Ben365 Day SixtyEight


Well today has been a busy day. We just decided to move a bunch of stuff into a storage unit. It has been a very hectic move. And I apologize that you guys are also made to suffer through this with me not having any blog entries or being able to comment on your work lately. I hope you guys come back, and to you faithful followers. You keep me going. This is going to be all I have for you guys today. Although I did do two pictures so be happy!

Day 68 outtake


Have fun days


Ben365 Day SixtySeven


Yesterdays photo. Enjoy folks!

Ben365 Day SixtySix


Hey guys! So sorry I have not been on here and telling you fun stories and writing a lot. I have been moving from one house to another and it was been very hectic. First we didn’t close on the day we were supposed to close on the house, so we lost a lot of time and then we ripped out our new kitchen to replace it with an awesome kitchen. Now of course this is not done yet. It kind of sucks. I can’t even count how many times I have moved in my life, except that it is more than 10 moves.

Past couple of days have been quite awesome though. Don’t have much to really update yet. But I should have a couple good entries this weekend =)

Thanks for staying faithful my friends!!


64/365 crappy

This photo was better received then I expected.

Here is todays:
64/365 - Tried Something new

I decided to try something new in post and played a lot with white balance. I made florida look slightly cold. What do you guys think?
I am still in the middle of a major move so I am exhausted again. Sorry I have been neglecting you readers. This will change I promise.

I do also want to say I finally got my iStock application approved! I am now selling stock photos! WOOT!


Ben365 Day SixtyThree

63/365 - TIRED!

Sorry guys. Way to exhausted to write a blog entry. I promise I will be better as soon as this move is over. I am just happy I am staying committed to this project still. So exhausted!