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General Photography Tip of the Week:

So I have been inspired by the awesome new application by Nikon (Learn and Explore) to maybe give more than just my own photography to the community. This app is truly a must have for all photographers, no matter what brand camera you have. And I think I am going to give it a brief little review for you guys. I may start doing some photography tips and tricks every week or every other week or something. Let me know if you, the reader, would like that.

The app is broken into five basic sections:

Nikon World

nikonimageImages: This section is exactly what the title says it is, a bunch of different images taken with a Nikon. There are plenty of gorgeous images that you can view through here too. Definitely the place to go if you need some new inspiration and something to help you branch out a bit in how you look at photography. And of course knowing that the camera does not make the photography, but rather the other way around, we all know that inspiration from these images can hit Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Pentax, etc users alike.

Learn: This is easily my favorite section of this app for the iPhone. Here they show and describe to the reader, different techniques and different ways to approach your photography. And I am talking about help for everything from the fundamentals of photography like creative use of depth of field to shooting techniques like taking pictures at night and dusk to just old image editing. Now here there are a lot of things that may only apply to Nikon users, like the image editing stuff because they talk a lot about Capture NX Pro. But everything else you can apply to your every day photography.


Nikon World: This is also a really neat section, very similar to the Learn section. They do a lot of interviews and articles here that is updated every so often. So it is an app that keeps on giving and is not like a book that is done when you finish reading everything.

Glossary: This is also a very cool section. It is exactly how it sounds. It is a glossary of all photography terms. Which, for new and pro photographers alike, is a very handy tool. All you have to do is thumb in the word or term you are looking for. It is just another reason to go and take a look at this app. It is definitely worth the free download.

Check it out, search “Nikon Learn and Explore” in iTunes. Visit Nikon’s page for Nikon Learn and Explore. And just keep taking pictures! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I think I may do some more posts like this if you would like. Let me know, leave me some comments so that I know what you guys think



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