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Kenny 365 Day 16

365 Day 16

So today I went back to the spot I got my day 14 shot from. The clouds today were a lot better and I decided to try out a new post editing, infrared film. What do you all think?


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Kenny 365 Day 15

365 Day 15

Sorry for posting this a day late but after i had taken the picture yesterday I had no time to post. I went to the top of one of the parking garages on campus while walking around and saw this really cool view. The clouds again were gorgeous. For some reason the past few weeks the skys have been amazing, so I couldnt pass up the opportunity. Oh and for everyone that hasnt noticed yet…. I love clouds 🙂

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Kenny 365 Day 14

365 day 14

So, I was waiting for my family to go out to dinner last night. While i was sitting in the parking lot of the restaurant waiting I decided to get out and follow the road down behind the restaurant and I came upon this small retention pond with a vent popping out.

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Kenny 365 Day 13

365 Day 13

I don’t want to say much here on this picture. The one thing I do want to say is I want to hear from all of you and tell me what this picture strikes in you, if anything.

Thank you for your input.

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Kenny 365 Day 12

365 Day 12

So today I walked around all day trying to figure out what to take a picture of and i really couldnt find anything. Then i got back to my dorm and still nothing. Then my roommate walks back in from tennis practice with his racket and some balls and it hit me. I have a few different shots of this that ill post up later but for now this is my shot for the day.

Have any topics you want me to try out? Email me at kenny670@gmail.com !

Ill even name the picture after you and use you as a photographer of the day!

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Kenny 365 Day 11

365 Day 11

I decided I wanted a sunset picture today so I went outside and walked around a bit until it came about that time and happened upon this shot. I am pretty happy with it and I am interested in what other sunset pictures I can get so dont be surprised if you see some more of these turn up in the future.

The photographer I viewed today is Brett Weston. The picture is of a Canal in Holland. What I love about this picture is both the contrast between the trees sky and ground and the clarity and reflection of the water. It is truly a beautiful picture. images.artnet.com/artwork_images_119642_342861_brett-west…

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kenny 365 Day 10

365 Day 10 - Left Without You

I wrote something to express my feelings when i took this picture. Im not a great poetic writer so bare with me.

I left without my umbrella today,
Because the rain is nothing anymore.
I left without my umbrella today,
Because the protection is provided no more.

This protection that I thought was real,
But it shows how ridiculous I feel.
Not to have this protection of the skin.
Nor no more for whats within.

I left without my umbrella today,
Because there is no more feeling.
I left without my umbrella today,
Because of the fate you decided on sealing.

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