I saw the Sign!

Hey everyone!

Once again I have neglected on keeping you guys informed on all things f/Stop Brothers Photography related. And I have to sincerely apologize yet again. I was just stopping in to let people know that I have started a mobileMe portfolio page. I was hoping some of you guys would go and visit it and keep up with it if you want to see some of, what I feel is my best work.


I am going to talk my partner into making the same public as well. Until next time.



Hey everyone, I want to apologize for my absence over the holidays. Life got incredibly busy and it was getting hard for me to find time to do a lot of photography as I would have really liked to do, but it is what it is. I have been taking pictures, just not time to get them on the web. As you have probably noticed, I have had to give up on the 365 project for now, that doesn’t mean I am stopping with the pictures, I will be making a lot of pictures, just not with a set 365 deadline as usual.

I also plan on starting the 365 project up again in April after I complete my last and final move for a little while. Finally moving out of the house and into an apartment. Because of this I am setting up a way to sell my work, so make sure you check back at the website to figure out how to order some! That’s all I have for now. Enjoy this last photo and I am going to hit the road.


Regarding Ben365

Cleared for Lift-Off

Hey guys. I just wanted to get on and tell you that everything is still going with my 365. I have still been shooting a photograph a day. Recently I have not had my camera around when I have my computer around, which makes uploading photos a slight bit difficult.

The past couple of weeks have been hectic too, I am approaching finals week, my family still has not finished the kitchen we are building (this is almost done though), and getting to do anything other than these things has just been a little difficult and there just is not enough time in the day for me to get my card from my camera to my computer. Do not fret though. I will be back on track no later than Christmas. So don’t give up on me, or leave me.

The above shot is an oldie but one of my favorites! Enjoy. I will be back ASAP!

Miss you all!

80/365 - Turkey Day
I feel like such a terrible person not having posted photos on time lately. I am taking the pictures once a day and getting them edited in that day. I am just not finding the time to get the blog entries written or the photos posted on flickr in time. So here are the previous days below.

Also, I just got my new 50mm f1.8 in the mail! Woot!

79/365 - Was Rainy 78/365 77/365 - I Love Lamp

Hey everyone. I want to apologize for the fact that I have not posted anything on here at all this weekend. I was in Fort Lauderdale with my girlfriend, keeping her company while she sat for 10 hours in a movie theater promoting a Twilight/New Moon convention down there on December 4-6. If you are interested you can see their website here, and buy tickets and all that kind of fun stuff. I would also like to quickly point out that some of the pictures used on that page are shots that I did when a Twilight convention was here in Orlando. The perks to knowing someone who helps do nerd conventions. Haha.*

ANYWAYS, on an actual photography note I took the time this past week to buy some stuff for myself. I bought a new 50mm f1.8 Nikkor lens. Cannot wait until that gets in. I had rented one a while back and absolutely fell in love with the sharpness of this prime lens. So it should be here by the end of the week, along with my new Flip Mino HD video camera. I thought it would be fun to stick my toes in the waters of the film world and get myself a Flip. I spent very little money on obtaining this one too. The joys and wonders of eBay. So I am very excited about getting this little device as well. And of course as soon as I can, I will write a nice little review on it all on here. I plan on using the camera to do some reference stuff and just to have fun with. VERY VERY excited!

Anyways here thumbnails of the pictures I did over the weekend. Click through to flickr to see them bigger.

Oh here is a blog exclusive shot for you guys. Sorry it was so late!

Last couple days:
75/365 - Swinging
74/365 - Foggy Night
73/365 - Best Diner within 5 miles

Ben365 Day SeventyTwo

72/365 - I'm a Nerd

Okay so a few days ago I was asking my friend Leigh what I should take a picture of. Each time I asked she always brought up NERDS. So finally I am satisfying that urge. A little brighter, and happier than my last couple shots. And I get NERDS out of all this. Willy Wonka was a freaking genius. NERDS are amazing!

Anyways, I am loving photography so much right now haha. I got to choose all my classes for next semester finally and will be taking Drawing 1, Psychology, Photography 2, Math (?). It looks like it will be a fun semester for sure. So if you go to SCC and if you are in the art program. Let me know. We may have classes together.

Anyways I have been incredibly busy lately. It kind of sucks. Oh well. Miami is calling me soon!

Ben365 Day SeventyOne

71/365 - Swim and Die!

So this shot was fun and interesting. I had really wanted to get a picture of a different sign at a specific angle. However, there was a pretty decently sized alligator sitting right in front of it. The subject I wanted to shoot would have required I get up close and personal with this gator, and I did not want to do that. So this is the shot I came up with. I like how dark and sort of ominous it came out. That alligator scared the crap out of me and really made me not want to go swimming. Well that and the water color was some kind of radioactive green looking. So if these gators become scary monsters that take of the state of Florida, I will not be surprised.

On another note I am going to Miami this weekend. Woohoo. Helping my girlfriend promote a convention she is coordinating down there. I’m not going to say what it is a convention for, but the hint is this: We are handing stuff out at a movie theater because it is this movies opening weekend.
The End!